The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Romania is the country with the biggest wind power growth potential in Eastern Europe

Denmark's Vestas, the world's leader in the field of wind farm technology, with turnover worth above 6bn euros in 2009, decided to open an office in Romania this year considering the company has already sold turbines with a 450 MW capacity for investments in Dobrogea.

After six years' research, Vestas now says it is time it started developing domestically.

"We have been eyeing Romania over the past five or six years, but it is now that we decided to open a local office. This is a decision that proves the domestic market has reached a certain maturity. We are in the right place at the right moment. Romania is the most promising country in Eastern Europe," says Hans Jorn Rieks, chairman for Central Europe with Vestas.

The best-known wind farms due to be equipped by Vestas are the ones being built by Energias de Portugal in two towns of Dobrogea, Pestera and Cernavoda.

According to Rieks, the big concern as regards the Romanian market is legislation. "The existence of clear legislation will open the market to several players as banks are always looking at something tangible and are not willing to take on risks," he says.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Energy Efficiency in Romania - latest up-dates

For the latest up-dates in the Energy Efficiency field in Romania, please visit our DEMO Report at:

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Topics include:
- energy efficiency projects in the industrial sector
- thermal rehabilitation of buildings
- renewable energies projects
- events

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Euromedic sells 8 dialysis clinics to rival Fresenius

Eight dialysis clinics owned by the specialised unit of Euromedic healthcare services group will be taken over by Fresenius Medical Care in Romania, as part of a 485m-euro international deal involving a total of 70 clinics.

"In Romania, Euromedic's dialysis services unit had 1,100 patients in 2009, to whom the 1,400 clients of Fresenius will be added," said the representatives of Fresenius, a German-held group.

In the wake of this deal, Euromedic will exit the dialysis market, where it operated with the Nefromed brand, but it will still be among the top ten players in private healthcare services, with a seven-clinic network.

At the overall level of 485m euros, the eight clinics of Romania are likely to be valued at 55m euros, with this being the largest deal targeting the domestic dialysis market, a state-dependent business.

The statement announcing the international deal specified Euromedic decided to focus on investments in the other fields it operates in.


The Romanian private medical sector has been on an up-ward trend for the last 3 years and it is expected to continue its growth.

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Romania and China to develop IT&C projects

During his recent visit to China, the Romanian Minister of IT&C has signed a memorandum of cooperation with his Chinese counterpart.

This is hopefully going to lead to new joint IT&C projects, to Chinese investments in the Romanian IT&C sectors and to an IT&C Chinese-Romanian business forum in Romania to be organised in 2011.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Medical devices market in Romania

The domestic market of the medical and dental equipment in Romania is influenced by the significant growth of the private medical services market, which is one of the fastest developing markets in Romania, with y/y increases of approximately 35% in the past years and growing perspectives for 2011 - 2013.

A significant opportunity on the domestic market of the medical equipment is represented by the mergers and acquisitions potential targets.

The structural funds in the medical sector in Romania - available between 2007 - 2013 - are being used for the rehabilitation, modernization and equipping of the health services in public health sector and for acquisition of new equipment in the private clinics and hospitals.

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