The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Market Research, In-Depth Analysis, Competitor Profiling in the Emerging Markets in Europe

For over 15 years, FRD Center provides market research, in-depth analysis and competitors profiling in a variety of sectors. These are some examples - which can be observed and some of them downloaded at

March 2017: “Romanian Smart Metering Sector 2017 DEMO by FRD Center”
February 2017: “Water and Wastewater Developments in Romania - Players Activity and Opportunities for International Companies in Romania” - a FRD Center analysis
February 2017: “BPO Sector in Romania - Players Activity and M&A Analysis"
February 2017: “Bakery Sector in Romania: Activity and Acquisition Targets Analysis”
February 2017: "El mercado rumano en el 2016 y oportunidades por el 2017"
January 2017: “Animal Farms, Dairy and Meat Processing in Romania” presentation
January 2017: “Successful Crossborder Acquisitions in Romania” analysis
December 2016: “Food Processing and Retail in Romania” report
October 2016: “Industrial Engineering and Tools in Romania” research
September 2016: “Fixtures Market and Building Materials Distribution in Romania” comprehensive data collection through 1-2-1 interviews
August 2016 - “Romanian Seafood Market 2016” demo sector brief by FRD Center
July 2016: “Agrotechnology and Forestry Sector in Romania – Route-to-Market of Imported Agribusiness Technology”
July 2016: “Luxury Furniture Manufacturing in Romania”
July 2016: “Electrical Power Tools Sector in Romania”
June 2016: “Industrial Coating Services in Romania”
May 2016: “Imported Foods and Beverages Route-to-Market in Romania”
April 2016 - The Mineral Bottled Water Sector in Romania 2016 – example of a sector report by FRD Center
March 2016: “Beauty and Care Market” in Hungary, Poland and Romania
March 2016 - “The Romanian Market of Ceramic Tiles 2016” example of sector brief by FRD Center
March 2016 - FRD Center Newsletter Environmental Sector in Romania 2016, Focus: Batteries recycling
January 2016 - Automotive Components Developments in CEE and SEE - FRD Center newsletter Jan 2016
January 2016: “Romanian Automotive Spare Parts Retail Market”
January 2016 - Imports and Importers of Aftermarket Automotive Parts in Romania – DEMO brief by FRD Center
June 2015 - Automotive Manufacturing in Romania H1 2015 - DEMO sector brief by FRD Center
June 2015 - The Romanian Toys Market 2015 – DEMO Report by FRD Center
May 2015 - DEMO Energy efficiency in buildings Romania 2015
April 2015 - DEMO sector brief - IT&C market in Romania 2015
April 2015 - DEMO Report: Market of agricultural equipment and machinery in Romania - Sector focus: Sprayers
March 2015 - Examples of prices for chocolate in Romania in modern trade
March 2015 - BPO Players in Romania DEMO analysis
March 2015 - Romanian Cheese Market 2015 DEMO sector brief
March 2015 - The Biofuels Sector in Romania 2015 newsletter
March 2015 - Medical Devices Market in Romania 2015 - demo sector brief
February 2015 - DEMO Sector Brief - Agricultural Machinery Market in Romania 2015
February 2015 - Automotive Sector in Romania February 2015 newsletter
February 2015 - Garments Market in Romania 2015 DEMO Sector Brief
January 2015 - Market and Investment Opportunities in Romania Q1 2015
December 2014 - "Industrial Manufacturing in Romania 2014" - DEMO sector brief
November 2014 - “Automotive and Tooling in Romania” Newsletter
September 2014 - Romania Health & Pharma market 2014 - DEMO sector brief
August 2014 - Reporte DEMO - Produccion Naval Rumania y Bulgaria 2014
August 2014 - Naval Sector Romania and Bulgaria 2014 - DEMO report
July 2014 - Romanian Mining Sector 2014 - DEMO report
July 2014 - Romanian Food Production Sector 2014 - DEMO sector brief
June 2014 - Romanian BPO Sector 2014 - DEMO sector brief
May 2014 - Produccion alimentaria - Rumania 2014

March 2014 - "Agricultural Outputs and Grains Trading in Romania" 
July 2013 - The Agricultural Equipment and Farm Machinery Market in CEE, SEE and Eastern Europe: Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria - a DEMO report outlining some of the specifics of the market, main companies active in the agri-business sector in the Black Sea region, trade data and insights, main trade fairs in the region.
August 2012 - "Photovoltaic Market in Romania 2012" - a demo report outlining current investment projects and developments in the photovoltaic market in Romania, players, governmental incentives, legislation, imports of solar cells and instalations.
August 2012 - Romanian Market of Cosmetics,Beauty and Personal Care 2012 - Demo Report
August 2012 - Romania: Market and Investment Opportunities Q3 2012
June 2012: "Agricultural Equipment and Farm Machinery in Romania 2012" - a DEMO report detailing the situation of agricultural land, crop production, imports of farm machinery and agricultural equipment in Romania.
April 2012: Industrial Manufacturing in Romania 2012: sector brief
March 2012: Rumania - El mercado carnico 2012: breve sectorial
February 2012: Europa del este: Sectores de oportunidad 2012: breve de mercado
January 2012: Automotive Sector in CE and SE Europe Q1 2012: newsletter
December 2011: "Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energies - Market opportunities in the emerging markets in Europe" demo report
December 2011: Agricultural Equipment Market in CE, SE and Eastern Europe - DEMO report
December 2011: Household Appliances Market in CE, SE and Eastern Europe - DEMO report
November 2011: Automotive Manufacturing Sector in Romania
November 2011: The CCTV Market in CE, SE and Eastern Europe
November 2011: Imports of Electric and Electronic Items in Romania
November 2011 - "Chinese Business in Romania"
October 2011 - "Market Opportunities in Romania - Q4 2011"
October 2011 - "Romanian Constructions and Building Materials Sector - Market Brief"
Septiembre 2011 - "Los Fondos UE en Rumania: programas, convocatorias, agentes clave" - breve de mercado
September 2011: Lead-Acid Battery Sector in Romania
September 2011 - "Romanian Furniture Sector - Market Brief"
August 2011: Environmental Technologies and Renewable Energies - Opportunities in the Emerging Markets in Europe
July 2011 - Technologies used by Romanian Manufacturers of Welded Metal Constructions
June 2011 - Opportunities For British Business in Romania
May 2011 - Waste Management and Recycling in Romania - May 2011 demo report
April 2011 - The Romanian Agribusiness Market Demo Report
March 2011 - Mercado rumano - oportunidades de negocios por empresas murcianas t1 2011
March 2011 - Rumania - Licitaciones por obras de infraestructura Marzo 2011
March 2011 - Water and Wastewater Management in Romania March 2011 - demo report
February 2011 - Tecnología e insumos agrícolas en Rumania
February 2011 - "Medical and Dental Equipment Market in Romania"
February 2011 - "Commercial Refrigeration Market in Romania 2011"
January 2011 - "Energy Efficiency in Romania - January 2011" DEMO Report
December 2010 - "Automotive Manufacturing in CE and SE Europe"
November 2010 - "Market and Investment Opportunities in Romania - Q4"
October 2010 - "Industrial Manufacturing in CE Europe"
October 2010: "Fashion and Clothing Retail in Romania" Demo report
September 2010: "Dynamics of Industrial Manufacturing in CE Europe Newsletter"
August 2010: "The Water and Wastewater Sectors in Romania - DEMO Market Brief 2010"
August 2010: "The Market of Motocycle Accessories in Romania"
July 2010: "Automotive Manufacturing Sector in Romania" newsletter
June 2010: "Oportunidades de mercado en Rumania S1 2010"
June 2010: "Pharma Sector in Romania" newsletter
May 2010: "Market Opportunities in Q2 2010"
May 2010: "Pharma Manufacturing Equipment Sector in Romania"
April 2010: "Pharma Sector in Romania Newsletter"
April 2010: "The Dental Services and Equipment Market in Romania"
March 2010: "Pharma and Food Supplements Market in Romania"
February 2010: "The Market of Women Underwear and Garments in Romania"
February 2010 - "The Security Market in Romania February 2010"
January 2010 - "The Goods Transportation and Logistics Market in Romania January 2010"
January 2010 - " The DIY and Furniture Retail Sectors In Romania January 2010"
December 2009 - "The Romanian Market of Private Medical Services 2009"
November 2009 - "The Retail Sector in Romania" Newsletter
October 2009 - "Automotive Sector in Romania" Newsletter
September 2009 - “NPK Fertilisers Market in Romania" report
July 2009 - "Automotive Components Manufacturing in Romania" report and company directory
June 2009 - "Micro-hydro Power Potential in Romania" report
April 2009: " Energy Efficiency in the Constructions Sector in Romania" market report and company directory
March 2009: "Automotive Sector in Romania - Market Opportunities for Equipment Manufacturers" report and company directory
February 2009: "Waste Water Management in Romania" Newsletter
November 2008: "Environment and Green Energy in Romania" Newsletter
October 2008: "Cranes and Construction Equipment Sector in Romania" Market Brief
September 2008: "IT&C Sector in Romania" Sectorial Scan
July 2008: "Construction and Landscape Contracting Sector in Romania" Report
July 2008: "M&A Targets in the Printing and Publishing Sector in Romania" selection project
March 2008: "Refrigeration Equipment and Services Potential Client-Companies in Romania" selection and assessment
February 2008 - Automotive Sector in Romania Newsletter
February 2008 - Construction Sector in Romania - 2008" market brief
February 2008 - Constructions Sector in Romania Newsletter – February 2008
December 2007 - “Automotive Sector in Romania” newsletter
November 2007 - “Automotive Sector in Romania” newsletter
October 2007 - "Automotive Sector in Romania" newsletter
September 2007 - "Construction Materials in Romania"-newsletter
July 2007 - "Construction Materials Market in Romania - July 2007" report
June 2007 - "Bio-fuels and Renewable Energy Sector in Romania" report
May 2007 - “Concrete Market in Romania” report
May 2007 – “Bulgarian consumer finance market” local assessment component
April 2007 - “Knitwear Market in Romania” sectorial brief
April 2007 - “Aggregates Market in Romania” report
April 2007 - “Mortars and Adhesives Market in Romania” report
February 2007 - “Diary and Milk Products Market in Romania” report
January 2007: Construction Materials Market in Romania newsletter
January 2007: IT&C Market in Romania report
January 2007: Commercial Vehicles and Construction Equipment Martket in Romania report
January 2007: Market Brief: Commercial Centers and Malls in Romania
December 2006: Small Animals Clinics in Romania Report
November 2006 - Romania Construction and Infrastructure Development
November 2006 - Romanian Furniture Market
October 2006 -The Agricultural Machinery Market in Romania report
October 2006 - The Retail Market in Romania report
October 2006 - The Automotive and Industrial Lubricants Market in Romania report
September 2006 - Bucharest Sector 1 Development Report including infrastructure, residential property, office space etc.
September 2006 – Construction and Cement Market in Romania Report
August 2006 – Market Brief: Chocolate Market in Romania
July 2006, Market Report: LPG Distribution Market in Romania
June 2006, Sector Brief: Oil industry; Valves manufacturing in Romania
May 2006, Market Report: Textile Garments and Uniforms Manufacturing in Romania
April 2006, Sector Report: Road and rail construction development in Romania, 69 pages, includes companies profiles and details
March 2006, Market Brief: Environment sector in Romania - 18-20 pages
March 2006, Market Overview: The auto and DMS markets in Romania, part 2 - 16-18 pages, includes companies profiles and details
January 2006, Market Report: Mining sector in Romania - 47-50 pages, includes companies profiles and details
November 2005, Market Report: Home decor and DYI sourcing opportunities market in Romania - 120-122 pages, includes companies profiles and details
October 2005, Market Report: Spirits and alcoholic drinks market in Romania - 20-22 pages, includes companies profiles and details
August 2005, Market Report: Automotive lubricants and additives market in Romania 30-32 pages, includes companies profiles and details
August 2005, Market Survey: ATM, CRM and Multi-channel applications at Romanian banks. Financial and IT data - 70 -72 pages, includes companies profiles and details
June 2005, Market Report: Automotive accessories market in Romania 26-28 pages, includes companies profiles and details
May 2005, Market Overview: The auto and DMS markets in Romania, part 1 - 20-22 pages, includes companies profiles and details
December 2004, Market Overview: Banking and insurance sectors in Romania
July 2004, Market Study: Romanian plastic sector
June 2004, Market Study: Oil tanks for petrol stations in Romania
February 2004: Research and identify information on projects related to geographic information (GIS) available through the Romanian government, supported by PHARE, TACIS etc. -
January 2004, Market Overview: Peat market in Romania
July 2003, Market Overview: Mobile Content & Entertainment Services
June 2003: Research on opportunities on the Romanian market and potential distributors for a forklift producer
February 2003, Market Overview: Romanian Agriculture sector and report on distributors of veterinary products in Romania
January 2003, Market Report: The GSM sector in Romania
April 2002, Sectoral Study: The Electronics Industry in Romania
February 2002, Market Overview: The paints and oils industry in Romania

FRD Center provides individual tailored B2B matchmaking services, organises in-coming trade missions to Romania as well as out-going Buyer Missions from Romania to the Client's market.

For international buyers looking to acquire local companies in Romania and the region, FRD Center provides target acquisition search & selection services, M&A assistance and deal origination.

To foreign companies looking to enter and expand on the Emerging Markets in Europe such as the Romanian market, the Polish or Hungarian markets, the Serbian or Lithuanian markets, FRD Center provides competitive analysis and in-depth market research to assist them strategise and benchmark against the local players already on the market.

Some of the FRD Center activities in 2016 can be consulted at

Are you looking to acquire a player or make greenfield investment in Romania and thus set up operations in the region? Perhaps we could collaborate.

Romania is a gateway to the EU and Eastern Europe and numerous crossborder investments and acquisitions are registering double-digit profits. Why acquire a player in Romania? More details at

Sectors of interest for crossborder acquisitions in Romania include: healthcare, private medical services, industrial manufacturing, automotive, food processing, agribusiness, chemicals production and distribution, furniture manufacturing, IT, BPO. 

More details about successful crossborder acquisitions in Romania at

Since 2000, FRD Center offers market research and M&A consulting services to foreign buyers and investment funds interested to enter Romania and the emerging markets in Europe as investors or joint-ventures. 

More details about our Deal Origination services are available at:

For tailor-made sector data, market research and analysis, B2B matchmaking with players in the Emerging Markets in Europe, for M&A assistance and target origination feel free to contact the FRD Center team at: email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61

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