The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Romanian manufacturing sector grows at double-digit rate

The Romanian manufacturing sector continues its double-digit expansion. In Q1 2017 compared to Q1 2016, the new manufacturing orders in Romania increased by 12.7% due to the rises recorded for
  • consumer durables: +20.4% 
  • intermediate goods +18 %
  • capital goods +10.9%
  • consumer non‐durables +3.8% 
The Romanian Industrial sector had the highest contribution to Romania’s 5.7% annual economic growth in the first quarter of this year, surpassing the trade sector. The Industrial sector, which has the highest weight in Romania’s gross domestic product (GDP), namely 23.1%, saw a 6.7% increase in the activity volume compared to the first three months of 2016.  Romanian industrial sales rose 10.4% on the year in the first six months of 2017 In 2016, Romania's industrial sales increased 4.7%. Romanian industrial production registered the highest growth in the EU in May 2017 compared to May 2016: 15.3%

The Romanian Industrial Manufacturing sector presents numerous opportunities for foreign suppliers of machinery, special materials, chemicals, tooling etc. Due to the current developments, the Romanian industrial players are looking for modern technologies and tooling, special materials and machinery. Many of them are regularly visiting industrial trade fairs, such as Hanover Messe, in order to identify suitable suppliers.

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In regards to Mergers and Acquisitions, M&A, for strategic investors and international manufacturers looking to acquire local players in Romania and expand their operations in Europe, Romania can act as a strategic gateway into the EU as well as Eastern Europe. More details about a few examples of Successful Crossborder Acquisitions in Romania are available at

Industrial manufacturing is a dynamic sector in Romania, benefitting from ongoing foreign investments, M&A interest from foreign players, an educated and productive labour force and a long tradition of industrial manufacturing, plastics production, metal working and casting.

On of the most dynamic sectors is Automotive Manufacturing. Romania is an attractive market for the foreign manufacturers of OEMs as well as of auto components, TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3. The domestic market of auto components is dominated by big foreign companies that have manufacturing facilities in Romania, such as: Continental, Michelin, Autoliv, Takata, Schaeffler, Johnson Controls, Pirelli, Delphi, TRW Automotive, Leoni, Draxlmaier, Yazaki, Daimler etc.

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For specific details and direct contact with the relevant players and buyers in the Romanian industrial manufacturing sector, do not hesitate to contact the FRD Center team. FRD Center is a privately owned boutique-type firm which provides customised market entry services, M&A assistance, deal origination and tailor-made market research for foreign companies interested to enter Romania and the emerging markets in Europe as exporters, investors, producers or joint-ventures, to source in CE, SE and Eastern Europe, to acquire a local player or to relocate their manufacturing operations in the region.

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FRD Center provides individual tailored B2B matchmaking services, organises in-coming trade missions to Romania as well as out-going Buyer Missions from Romania to the Client's market.

For international buyers looking to acquire local companies in Romania and the region, FRD Center provides target acquisition search & selection services, M&A assistance and deal origination.

To foreign companies looking to enter and expand on the Romanian market, FRD Center provides competitive analysis and in-depth market research to assist them strategise and benchmark against the local players already on the market.

Some of the FRD Center activities in 2016 can be consulted at
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Romania is a gateway to the EU and Eastern Europe and numerous crossborder investments and acquisitions are registering double-digit profits. Why acquire a player in Romania? More details at

Sectors of interest for crossborder acquisitions in Romania include: industrial manufacturing, automotive, food processing, agribusiness, chemicals production and distribution, furniture manufacturing, IT, BPO, healthcare, private medical services etc.

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Since 2000, FRD Center offers market research and M&A consulting services to foreign buyers and investment funds interested to enter Romania and the emerging markets in Europe as investors or joint-ventures.

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