The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Romanian importer-distributors of Metal Processing Tools and Machinery

How to reach the Romanian importers of metal processing tools and of precision machining? Who are the most relevant Romanian distributors of CNC, machine-tools, laser cutting and precision manufacturing tools? How to reach major industrial manufacturing companies in Romania? Who are the buyers of machining centers and metal cutting machines in Romania?

Manufacturing industry is a key sector of the Romanian economy, with a contribution of about 23% to the formation of the GDP. Romanian industrial production registered the highest growth in the EU in May: 14.6% while industrial production in Romania grew by 5.4% in the first four months of 2017 compared to the same period last year.

Metal works is one of the strongest Romanian industrial manufacturing sectors. Most of the local metalworking firms use imported tools and machinery.

Part of the Market Entry and B2B Matchmaking services for a foreign client, producer of specialised waterjet cutting tools, FRD Center identified and selected, approached directy and establised relations at Owner / Manager level with a series of Romanian importer-distributors of metal cutting machinery. Some of them are:

Established in 2004, Plasmaserv imports and distributes a wide range of equipment and accesories for cutting and welding, produced by Hypertherm, Kemppi, Eckert, Weldas or Autogen Ritter.
The company's portfolio includes Opal Waterjet and Opal Waterjet Combo equipment manufactured by Eckert.
Plasmaserv registered a net turnover of 3.3 million EUR in 2015. It has over 10 employees.

Adline Supplies imports and distributes UV printers, panel saw and edge benders, CNC nesting equipment, CNC 5 axis equipment, CNC plasma equipment, CNC laser equipment and CNC waterjet equipment. Its range of products includes Waterjet HD 2030BA Extremely Heavy Duty, manufactured by HEAD WATERJET.
Since 1993, the company has been providing industrial equipment manufactured by producers from Italy, Germany, Japan, USA, Taiwan, China etc.
Adline Supplies recorded a net turnover of 2.3 million EUR in 2015. It has a team of around 15 employees.

Founded in 1999, Abitare CG imports and distributes equipment for stone processing, devices for glass processing and industrial adhesives. Its range of products includes 5-axis and 3-axis stone waterjet cutting devices, produced by Intermac.
Abitare CG has over 500 clients in the entire country. The company has a warehouse with the surface of 2,400 sqm in Brasov (Central Romania) and own auto fleet of 15 auto vehicles.
Abitare CG reached a net turnover of 9.4 million EUR in 2015. The company has some 50 employees.

Set up in 1994, Maticom imports and distributes waterjet cutting machines manufactured by PTV from the Czech Republic. Some examples of products are: PTV SMART JET II L, PTV SMART JET II S, PTV UNI JET, PTV DYNAMITE etc.
Other brands of imported industrial equipment in the company's portfolio are: Fanuc, Miller, Hypertherm, Cebora, Rexroth, Tecna etc.
Furthermore, Maticom manufactures CNC machines.
The company has been exhibitor at the international fair Blechexpo - Schweisstec 2015 in Germany.
Maticom reached a net turnover of 1.9 million EUR in 2015. The company has approximately 15 employees.

Pin Plus Pin is a member of the Group of Companies PIN - a family business, founded in 1985 by the Pop family in Baia Mare (NW Romania).
From 1992 the Group started the import of equipment and materials for the advertising industry. Since 1994, when Pin Plus Pin was set up, the sale of equipment for the advertising industry experienced a new opening, the company briefly reaching one of the major players in the industry nationwide. In time, the company's activity evolved and transformed so that at the moment they are importers and distributors of materials and equipment for the advertising industry in Romania.
In the category of machinery relevant to this research, they import water jet cutting system PRIMUS 322 made by Intermac.
In 2015 Pin Plus Pin reached a net turnover of 2.3 million EUR and was counting 25 employees.

Set up in 2006, Lastechno Weld-Cut provides customers with imported equipment and machine-tools in the fields of welding and cutting sheets. Among the machine-tools they import and sell in Romania are the water jet and plasma cutting machinery by CARETTA TECHNOLOGY Italy and Rychly TOM s.r.o. Czech Republic.
The company also imports and sells accessories for automation of plasma and oxyfuel cutting from IHT Automation GmbH & Co.KG Germany, automated plasma cutting equipment from Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma und Maschinen GmbH Germany, manual plasma cutting equipment from THERMAL DYNAMICS USA, consumables and spare parts for equipment, waterjet cutting from ALLFA AG Switzerland as well as plasma cutting consumables and equipment compatible with laser products from manufacturers such as Hypertherm, Kjellberg, SAF, ESAB, TRUMPF, BYSTRONIC, etc.
Lastechno Weld-Cut registered in 2015 a net turnover of 0.7 million EUR. It has a team of approximately 5 employees.

Store Logistic is an importer-distributor of metal sheet processing machinery addressing especially SME customers throughout Romania. They import and sell a wide range of advanced CNC waterjet, plasma, laser and bending equipment for steel metal sheet processing. They import from machinery producers in Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland and United States of America.
Store Logistic offers a full range of cutting machines with water-jet technology. The water-jet cutting machine series features a unique, compact and stable design. More details at
In 2015, the company registered sales worth 0.1 million EUR. Their national network of sales and service staff covers the entire territory of Romania. So far Store Logistic have about 1,000 industrial customers.

Established in 2010, Rom Machine Development imports and distributes machine tools for the metal processing, including waterjet cutting machines, the Baykal brand.
Other imported brands in the company's portfolio are: AMOB, Sente, Elmali, Ciemmegi, Nargesa, Hilarsan etc.

Ramsi Tehnology has been established in 2015.
The company imports and distributes machine tools for metalworking such as waterjet cutting machines, laser cutting machines, lathes, hydraulic presses etc.
Some brands in its portfolio are: Goodway, Centech, Extron, Frejoth, DMTC, Elmali, Fintek etc.

Romania recorded the highest monthly increase in industrial production in the European Union in March. This amounted to 2.6% over February, according to data from the EU’s statistical office Eurostat.

The country also ranked second in EU for the annual industrial production growth, with 10.2%.

Due to the current developments, the Romanian industrial players are looking for modern technologies and tooling, special materials and machinery. Many of them are regularly visiting industrial trade fairs, such as Hanover Messe, in order to identify suitable suppliers. Are you looking to connect with Romanian buyers or importer-distributors and dealers of metalworking machinery and tool? Perhaps we can assist you with the Market Entry and B2B Matchmaking.

For more details about the Romanian Industrial Manufacturing sector and the opportunities for foreign suppliers visit the FRD Center business-blog posting at

The FRD Center B2B Matchmaking services involve identification and selection of most relevant targets, direct liaison at Manager level, presentation of the Client's products / services, pursuit for obtaining expression of interest in a 1-2-1 meeting with the Client representative, arranging and confirming 1-2-1 business meetings in a Commercial Agenda / Business Itinerary in the market, assistance on location, follow-up etc.

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