The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Medical Devices and Health Equipment importer-distributors in Romania

How to reach the Romanian importers of medical devices, of health equipment, of pharmaceutical products? Who are the most relevant Romanian distributors of orthopedic implants?

The private medical services market is one of the fastest developing sectors in Romania. The Romanian Medical Equipment market, currently estimated at some EUR 500 million, is 90% generated by imports and offers opportunities for foreign manufacturers to export to Romania. In the next 3-5 years, it is expected to grow by approx 5% y-o-y, mainly due to Romania's economic growth and increasing health expenditure both by the Government and private consumers.

FRD Center has direct contact with relevant local players in the medical devices and health equipment sector, both importer-distributors and direct buyers. 

On behalf of our Clients - the foreign manufacturers interested to penetrate the local market - we contact the relevant key decision makers with product introduction and B2B matchmaking services.

For example, with a turnover of EUR 14.6m in 2016, Gemedica is one of the main importer-distributors of medical devices in Romania. Its portfolio includes vascular therapy devices for the treatment of varicose veins and thrombosis prophylaxis. The brands they represent in Romania include Covidien, Bayer Schering Pharma, GE Healthcare, Merivaara, Genano, Hirtz, PVS, MedArt, Endogastric Solutions, Gunter Bissinger Medizintechnik, Tontarra Medizintechnik, SISU Medical etc.

Another important importer-distributors of medical devices in Romania is Gadagroup Romania. They import and distribute to local hospitals, clinics and medical centres medical devices and health equipment in the cardivascular, cardiac surgery, radiology, radiotherapy, ultrasound, intensive care sectors. In 2016, their turnover reached almost EUR 20m. Some of the brands in their portfolio are Philips Healthcare, Edwards Lifescience, Hill-Rom, Sorin Group, Terumo, Masimo, Fisher & Paykel, Natus, KLS Martin, Medifa etc.

There are approximately 300 medical device distributors and commercial representatives in Romania. FRD Center has extensive specialised d-base of relevant contacts in the medical devices and health equipment sector, of both importer-distributors and direct buyers. 

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For more details on the current developments, main players and imports dynamics of the Romanian Market of Medical Devices and Equipment as well as the healthcare system in Romania, feel free to consult the FRD Center SAMPLE report at

Are you interested to export your medical equipment and healthcare solutions to Romania and Eastern European markets? To connect with the local buyers and specialised importer-distributors? Perhaps we can collaborate. 

The FRD Center team can arrange for you a Business Itinerary with 1-2-1 meetings and visits to relevant players, such as Purchasing Managers in Private Hospitals, Specialised Importer-Distributors etc. 

For more details feel free to contact the FRD Center team at: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61

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