The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

FRD Center assists U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania with Trade Winds, the largest annual U.S. government-led trade mission

The U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, through the representatives in the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, Romania invited FRD Center to join forces and prepare B2B meetings with relevant local players, specialised importer-distributors, potential business partners and buyers for American companies participating in the Trade Winds SE Europe event in October 2017.

Trade Winds, the largest annual U.S. government-led trade mission, will lead U.S. companies and organizations to Southeast European markets in 2017, to connect them to promising business opportunities.

The region features strategic ports and bustling overland trade routes to established markets, and these individual markets are all heavily investing in infrastructure growth and market development.

Romania is the most dynamic large market in Europe, presenting numerous business and investment opportunities for foreign companies. 

Since 2000, FRD Center provides market-entry consulting services to Romania and other Emerging Markets in CE Europe and SE Europe. More details at

FRD Center - - is one of the pioneer privately owned market entry consulting firms based in Romania. Starting with 2000, FRD Center offers tailor-made market entry services and support for Governmental organisations, International trade agencies, Chambers of commerce, Private foreign companies interested to enter the Romanian market, to source, relocate or invest in Eastern Europe and the CEE and SEE region.

FRD Center, in strong collaboration with its Clients, has designed, organised and implemented to date over 30 in-coming Trade Missions, including multi-sector TMs, the largest being with 30 participating companies. 

To foreign companies interested to export, outsource, invest, relocate their operations, manufacture or distribute in Romania and the region, FRD Center offers complete market entry services such as:

FRD Center is a Business Service Provider (BSP) for the US Exporters. More details at

For tailor-made market research, B2B matchmaking with players in the Emerging Markets in Europe, liaison with local Authorities and Business Community, roundtables with local KOLs and product presentation events feel free to contact the FRD Center team at: email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Expand / Outsource / Export / Market Entry / M&A in Emerging Europe

How to collect data on the Client company’s export products and export capacity? 

How to Market research, overview of the Romanian / local market for the Client company’s export product(s)? 

What is the market size? Who are the main players? Who are the main competitors in Romania? What are the market trends in Eastern Europe?

How to Scan the local market and identify the market channel(s)? How to profile the main players in the respective sector and market?

How to Carry out interviews with local players and sector experts? Who are the local players and sector experts?

How to Determine the market requirements such as types of products in the market, preferred brands and why, quality expectations/requirements, packaging and labelling requirements, regulatory requirements, standards, price examples?

How to Assess interest from relevant importer/distributors and buyers?
How to Identify their requirements, in particular delivery and payment terms as well as other relevant contractual terms?

How to Assess export / commercial business opportunities for the Client-company in Romania / the other local markets?

How to Identify and select relevant local potential business partners in the Romanian market?

How to Approach interested parties and set up 1-2-1 meetings for the Client?

How to Organise business itinerary / sales mission for the Client-company reps to meet potential buyers / B2B matchmaking in Romania / the other Emerging Markets in Europe?

Welcome to the FRD Center #MarketEntry services. The FRD Center website is Email: Tel: +4021 4111459

Are you looking for #marketexpansion to #EasternEurope? To acquire a local player, to #export, #relocate, invest in emerging markets in Europe such as Romania, Poland etc.? 

What do you know about these markets? Are you looking for qualified local #importer-#distributors #businesspartner? Are you looking to consolidate your presence in the market, to #manufacture and/or increase sales? To oursource production?

Perhaps we could collaborate.

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#outsourcingtillverkning i #Rumänien #produktionsflytt

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Retail growth in Romania continues at double-digit speed

Romanian retail registers double-digit growth in 2017. For example, in July 2017 vs. July 2016 the Romanian retail registered a growth of over 10% mainly due to the food retail's growth of 13.8%. 

The Romanian Food & Beverages Retail continues to develop in 2017, mainly based on imported products. 

Are you interested to research the market opportunities or present your products to the Romanian buyers? Are you looking to connect with local specialised importer-distributors and direct buyers or with local suppliers / manufacturers in markets such as Romania, Czech Republic or Poland?

To acquire a local player in the Romanian #foodretail or #import-#distribution market? To collaborate with a local importer-distributor? To acquire a local company or to expand your operations in the Emerging Markets in Europe? Perhaps we can collaborate.

What opportunity is interesting for you? How can we be of assistance to you?
For tailor-made sector data and B2B matchmaking with players in the Emerging Markets in Europe, feel free to contact the FRD Center team at:
email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61

In regards to Food retail and food imports developments in Romania here are some recent data put together by FRD Center Market Entry Services

With the increasing purchasing power in the current period and the consumption growth registered in Romania, it is expected to be seen an increase in the purchase of all the types of food and beverage products, with a preference for gourmet and speciality ones.

The Development of the Food Retail Sector in Romania has been monitored by FRD Center Market Entry Services

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