The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The Romanian Compressive Stockings market

According to a FRD Center market analysis, the compressive stockings brands available in Romania are:

Sigvaris – produced by Sigvaris (Switzerland
Scudotex – produced by Luropas (Italy)
Scudovaris - produced by Luropas (Italy)
Segreta – produced by Ibici (Italy)
Relaxsan – produced by Calze G.T. (Italy)
Albert Andre – produced by Laboratori Piazza (Italy)
Kamila – produced by CA-MI (Italy)
Cabifi – produced by Cabifi (Italy)
Solidea – produced by Calzificio Pinelli (Italy)
Anatomic Help – produced by Anatomic Help (Greece)
Medi – produced by Medi (Germany)
Cambren C – produced by Hartmann Group (Germany)
Miracle Socks – produced by Ontel Products Corporation (USA)
Pani Teresa Medica – produced by Pani Teresa Medica (Poland)
Egeo – produced by Egeo (Poland)
Marilyn – produced by Marilyn (Poland)
Avicenum – produced by Aries (the Czech Republic)
Elastofit – produced by Pharmatextil (Hungary)
Elastomed – produced by Pharmatextil (Hungary)
Tonus Elast – produced by Tonus Elast (Latvia)
Variteks – produced by Variteks Ortopedi Sanayi (Turkey)
Armor – produced by Hegeli Ortopedik Ürünler (Turkey)
Novamed – produced by Novamed (Turkey)

Examples of prices:
Price (EUR)
Compressive stockings 70 DEN, 12-17 mmHg
Compressive stockings 140 DEN, 19-22 mmHg
Compressive stockings SK1
Cambren C
Compressive stockings 18-21 mmHg
Compressive stockings, 15-18 mmHg
Compressive stockings 280 DEN, 23-27 mmHg
Compressive stockings 23-32 mmHg
Compressive stockings 23-32 mmHg
Pani Teresa Medica
Compressive stockings K1 Class, 25-30 mmHg
Compressive stockings Mediven

According to the FRD Center market analysis:

a) there are approximately 65 specialised importer-distributors of medical / compressive stockings operating in Romania 

b) larger importer-distributors of compressive stockings also import products dedicated to orthopaedic recovery and rehabilitation, such as orthesis, belts, cervical collars, wheelchairs, orthopaedic balls, walking frames, walking sticks, crutches, orthopaedics pillows etc.

c) others also import different type of para-pharmaceutical products such as sterile compresses, medical patches, products for newborns, weight scales, ointments, disinfectants etc.

The research carried out by FRD Center also revealed, in regards to the Sales Channels:

a) the medical / compressive stockings are mainly sold in specialised para-pharmaceutical stores which are dedicated to orthopaedic recovery and rehabilitation. Some examples of such stores are: Catena Pas cu Pas, Ortopedica, Neomed, Tonus Elast etc.

b) also, one important channel is the on-line sales. Many of the strong importer-distributors of medical / compressive stockings have such an on-line store.
Some examples of on-line stores are:,;;;

c) third sales channel in importance in Romania are the pharmacies. Unless they have a dedicated area to the para-medical products, their choice of compressive stockings is limited

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