The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.

The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia.
The emerging markets in CE, SE and Eastern Europe include Romania, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Building materials market in Romania grows supported by 82.9% growth of the residential constructions sector

How to access the Romanian market of building materials? How to find the most reliable importer-distributors and buyers of building materials in Romania? Who are the Romanian buyers of insulation, mortars, bricks, tiles, fixtures, paints, cement, DIY?

In the first nine months of 2017, the Romanian residential constructions sector advanced 82.9% compared to the similar period of 2016. 

The Building Materials market in Romania grows supported by the local demand of insulation, mortars, bricks, tiles, fixtures, paints, cement etc. generated by local producers and also imported.

The Romanian market of expanded polystyrene (EPS) recorded a 9% increase in the first six months of the current year, compared with the same period in 2016, according to estimates of the Romanian Polystyrene Manufacturers Association (ROMEPS). The optimal evolution was due, on the one hand, to the maintenance of the slight development trend of the thermal insulation industry and, on the other hand, to the increase of the quality level of the materials used on the domestic market, according to the recommendations for external insulation.

There are about 35-40 polystyrene producers in Romania, with a total estimated EPS production capacity of 3.5-4 million cubic meters per year. In 2016, some 3.5 million cubic meters of polystyrene were produced and sold in Romania, with the sector valued at about 150 mEUR.

Some of the players operating on the Romanian polystyrene market include Arcon, Austrotherm, Hirsch Porozell, Swisspor, Congips, Firos, Masterplast, Mindo, Onebrand, Euroconf Impex, Mecatronics, Plastics Europe and Isopor. 

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At the end of 2016, the cumulative value of the local thermal insulation market exceeded 200 mEUR, of which the polystyrene sector was around 150 mEUR, the mineral wool was about 50 mEUR, the remaining value being generated by other product categories, such as graphite polystyrene, polyurethane foam etc.

Sales of polystyrene adhesives registered by the building materials producer Duraziv in the first eight months of the current year compared to the same period in 2016, went up 10% according to company data. The weight of adhesives for polystyrene in Duraziv's total adhesives division was quantitatively around 60% in the analyzed range, while in terms of value their share reached 52% of total sales.

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The Romanian Paints Industry has been estimated at around 200 mEUR in 2016, according to the AIVR (Romanian Association of Paint Industry Association). There are 172 local producers operating on the market, 100% owned by private investors and competing successfully with major international manufacturers represented by importer-distributors and commercial offices.

The Swiss manufacturer of chemical materials for building Sika, owns in Romania two production units, namely one for additives, with a capacity of 10,000 tons / year in Brasov and one in Capusu Mare, where special mortars and adhesives for constructions are manufactured, with a capacity of about 50,000 tons / year. Last year, the company announced it will invest in the opening of the third plant, which will be built in the southern area of Romania. According to the latest available data, the sales of Sika Romania sales have cumulated about 28 mEUR in 2016, after a 9% increase from in 2015.

AdePlast, a Romanian building materials manufacturer, recorded a 17% growth of its 9 months turnover in 2017, 37% of which was due to polystyrene. After three quarters, AdePlast managed to deliver more than 1,000,000 m³ of polystyrene, surpassing 87,000 m³ of production in the same period last year. Their exports increased 97%.

Sources include: Agenda Constructiilor, the Companies

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